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How to look for a record?

You can look for a record by the name or home country of the artist or the label, mediatype, musical style, title, release year or price of the record.

By artist's name

Here you can see all artists (in the database) in alphabetical (last name) order.

By artist's home country

Alphabetical listing of all the countries with artists in the database. After choosing the country, you can also look for records by the musical style.

By record label

Alphabetical listing for collectors who are interested in record labels and catalogue numbers.

By mediatype

An important link if you're looking for e.g. 45s or CDs only. Also the musical style (of the record) is used as a criterion.

By musical style

A basic link for both record collectors and "normal" music lovers. Under each main style there's a comprehensive list of substyles to choose from. A record can have more than one substyle.

Musical style of the record also means that an artist can have records in more than one main style or substyle catregory. Just think about Elvis (rock vs. pop) or Genesis (rock: pop-rock vs. progressive vs. AOR)...

Mainstream is not a dirty word...

With Rock as the main style, I've often used Mainstream as the substyle. This doesn't necessarily mean that the music on the record is somehow faceless or otherwise bad. For some reason my ears refused to "file" the record under any specific substyle...

Special links for Finnish speaking music lovers

One of the musical main styles is titled Suomi (= Finland in Finnish) having multiple Finnish language substyles. All those links are meant primarly for Finnish speaking users interested in Finnish language records of different styles, causing minimal international interest. All the descriptions are also in Finnish, of course.

All the internationally interesting Finnish records should be found under the English language links.

By titel

A most useful way to use the database when it comes to e.g. sountracks and hit songs, or if you've forgotten the name of the artist who recorded that particular song... Album titles and a-sides of EPs, 45s, 78s can all be found in the alphabetical order.

By year

You can also look for a record by the original year of release, combined with the musical style and artist's home country.

I'm afraid but sometimes it's impossible to find out the exact year when the record was originally released. In such cases the year (if the decade is known) is replaced with a question mark (e.g. 196?). If you happen to find mistakes (I'm sure there are quite a few of those) in the year listing, feel free to send me an e- mail. Your help will be appreciated!

By price

Under the Price button you'll find a summary of the pricing policy used in the database. All prices are given in euros. In some twisted way this may be useful information to at least some of you...

All the records are grouped according to the price only, no other criteria has been used here.

Please note! Although a record is grouped into the Offer category, it doesn't necessarily mean that the realistic selling price is sky-high. Depending on e.g. the condition or uniqueness of the record - or simply my personal curiosity - I may invite bids for more affordable items as well.


Some of the records (= the very same copy) have been stored in the database twice (maybe even three times). However, there's a good reason for a manoeuvre like that.

For each record form I'm able to select only one main style. In some cases there's a need for another form (of the same record) with a different main style (as well as substyles), especially when it comes to Soundtracks & Musicals and Song Contests related items. E.g. Frank Zappa's "200 Motels" should be found under both rock and soundtracks.

The same applies to classical records with two different composers (three or more composers = Various Composers). Also other good reasons for "cloning" can be found.

As soon as e.g. "200 Motels" has been deleted from the rock section of the database, also the soundtrack "copy" will naturally disappear.
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