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How to look for an artist?

The artist can be found in four different ways: by name, instrument, home country or gender.

By name

If the artist has one or more records in the database, you'll find her/him/them easily in the alphabetical (last name) order. You'll also find info of her/his/their home country, primary musical style, main instrument(s) and gender.

When clicking the name you'll see all her/his/their records stored in the database. The media code (LP, CD etc.) is your link in case you wish to view the actual procuct info.

By instrument

Here you can look for an artist by her/his/their main instrument(s) and nationality. Also singers and (mainly classical and soundtracks/musicals) composers and conductors can be found this way.

You're not able to look for normal, "multi-instrumental" bands here. However, e.g. stronly guitar oriented bands (Shadows, Ventures etc.) are included. Singers accompaning themselves with e.g. guitar you'll find only by clicking vocals, unless they are also first rate guitar players, just like Eric Clapton and Frank Zappa.

By home country

Here you can look for an artist by her/his/their home country and gender. In some ambiguous cases the artist may have two different home countries.

By gender

Gender devides all artist into males, females, duos and different kinds of "bands". Group covers basically all rock, jazz, pop etc. normal bands. Ensemble, choir and orchestra are used mainly for classical artists. Besides gender, all artists are also grouped by their main instrument(s).
(Look for an artist)