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Ask those boys to dig for you...

Sometimes the Advanced Search function of the database can be of big help to you. It offers you the possibility to look for both artists and records in various different ways.

The most simple way is to type the name of the artist in the search field. If the artist has any records stored in the database, you'll get a direct link to them. Also (or instead of that, in case the artist has no records in the database) you'll see most of the artists (in the database) somehow connected to the one you're looking for (e.g. Peter Gabriel > Genesis).

Also you can run different kinds of "mixed searches", based on the artist's name, main instrument(s), home country and gender. When typing e.g. piano great britain female, you'll get a full listing of female British pianists with records in the database.
You can also use e.g. the record label (also the catalogue number), media, musical style, title and year of release as keywoards.

So, if you'll type peter gabriel progressive charisma 1974 2-LP, you'll get a listing of all progressive double albums released by Charisma in 1974 Peter Gabriel has something to do with!

With the help of the search engine you'll also be able to look for e.g. soundtracks and various artists compilations your favorite artist is included in.

The Advanced Search function also works if your looking for e.g. items the artist has kindly signed. Just use autographed as a keyword. And if you're looking for e.g. 45s made in Denmark, type denmark single.

The search engine offers you a chance to dive real deep into the database. Make a test and spend the next 15 minutes trying to search for whatever comes to mind!

In case you're interested to learn more about the Prime Cuts database in technical terms, please click Technical Help.
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