(Grading the records)
My grading policy

My serious aim is to build up a long-term relationship with fellow record collectors and music lovers around the globe. It works only if you're happy with me and my product. Strict grading - that's my second name!

SSThe record is still in shrink.
MAn unplayed copy. Both the cover and the record are like new.
M-The record has been played only a few times. Looks and plays near perfect.
EXVery light visible signs of usage, maybe a few tiny unaudible hairlines or surface marks. Also the cover still looks beautiful.
EX-A few more hairlines or other minor flaws. Nothing serious, still in great shape.
VG+The record is still in nice collectable condition. The cover may have a small sticker tear, partially split seam, light ringwear and/or other visual flaws most collectors can live with, including myself.
VGThe record has visual flaws causing possibly some occasional light surface noise. The cover isn’t exactly a beauty anymore. Still in good, enjoyable condition.
GMore or/and bigger scratches and surface marks. They may look a bit ugly but shouldn’t affect play that much.
FLots of major defects. Visually the record is only in fair condition but still plays ok. The cover has a heavy ringwear, maybe a major sticker tear or other flaws like that.
PThe record looks bad but is still perfectly playable, usually (but not always) with heavy background noise.
BBoth the record and the cover look real bad. R.I.P.

In most cases the grading has been done visually under a bright light. However, especially when it comes to lower grades, the overall condition is usually checked by ear.

All my records should play without skips, heavy pops or other serious defects completely destroying the listening experience. Before shipping the item I will check the sound quality.

If you feel that my grading policy doesn’t meet your satisfaction, just let me know. We’ll then work something out for mutual satisfaction.

Pictures of the covers...

Some (most in the future, I hope) of the item descriptions include a fairly large picture of the cover. Please note that all the pictures are taken from the actual product on sale. Technically the pictures aren't that good, but should give you a good overall picture of the cover and the flaws it may have.

(Grading the records)