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The name of the game

All the products on this website are for sale. In most cases I've already fixed the price of individual products. However, there's also some OFFER stuff included. Meaning that in such cases you're free to make an offer in EUR, USD, GBP or SEK.

There are no minimum prices or deadlines. As soon as I receive an offer I'm happy with, the product is ready to go.

The OFFER status doesn't necessarily mean that you'll have to pay a small fortune for the item. OFFER can also mean that I've found it - for a reason or another - too difficult to set a fixed price for the record. Or maybe I'm just curious too see if anybody's really interested in a record like that...

I'd like to ask you one thing. I sincerely hope that you respect your offer in case I've decided to accept it. Thanks!

Looking for something special?

If you've got a list (priced if possible) of your vinyl wants available, don’t hesitate to send me a copy. Who knows, maybe I’m able to help you – as already mentioned, there are still thousands and thousands of interesting items waiting to be listed in these sites.

Also I’ll let you know if there’s another good source you should try.

My personal want list

In the Records I need section you shall find an introduction to my vinyl wants: mostly albums I need for my personal collection or as trade objects for fellow vinyl junkies. Some of the albums are extremely rare, others quite common - all desireable "currency" in case you're interested in trades.

Best prices paid…

…is a cliché some professional dealers and private collectors often use. I’m not promising you anything like that! However, if you wish to sell records I’m interested in, a fair price (depending on the rarity and condition factors) will be instantly paid.

Please take a look at the Records I need list (just to get an idea of stuff I’m in the first place looking for) and let me know what you’ve got for sale. Maybe ”your baby” finds a new (a good one too) home up in the North…

Send feedback

Feel free to send me feedbackquestions, comments etc. – by e-mail or using the Guestbook. I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.
(Basic info)