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Artist Title Media Label Catalogue# Condition Price Qty
20th Century Steel BandYellow Bird Is Dead (UK)LPUnited ArtistsUAS 29980VG+/EX10
Acklin BarbaraBe by My Side / Am I the Same Girl (45Brunswick55399/EX22
Akens JewelThe Birds and the Bees / Tic Tac Toe45London45-HLN 9954/VG+8
Andrews Inez (& The AndreLive at the Munich Gospel Festival (LPSongbirdSBLP 254EX/EX9
Andrews Inez (& The AndreMore Church in the Home (US)LPSongbirdSBLP 239EX-/EX9
Aquarian DreamFantasy (US)LPElektra6E 152EX-/EX-10
Baby Jane & the RockabyesHow Much Is That Doggie in the Windo45United Artists67042VG/VG12
BabyfaceIt's No Crime (US)12 INCH 33Solar4Z9 68832/M-5
Bar-KaysGive Everybody Some / Don't Do That 45Volt45-154/EX7
Barnes SidneyFoot Stompin' Music (promotional copLPParachuteRRLP 9009 DJEX-/EX25
Bell WilliamNever Like This Before / Soldiers Go45Stax45-199/EX-8
Billy & LillieBells, Bells, Bells / Honeymoonin' /EPTop Rank InternationTEP 112EX-/EX30
Bohannon (Hamilton)Bohannon Fever (HOL)LPFriendsFRLP 9912EX-/EX-5
Bohannon (Hamilton)Cut Loose (US)LPMercurySRM 1-3762EX/EX5
Bonds Gary U. S.Call Me for Christmas / Mixed Up Fac45Legrand1045/EX6
Brenda and the TabulationI Keep Coming Back for More (US)LPChocolate CityCCLP 2002EX-/EX7
Brown JamesGet It Together, Part 1 / Get It Tog45Polydor59 157EX-/EX15
Brown JamesGet Up I Feel Like Being Like a Sex 45Polydor2001 071EX/M-18
Brown JamesGravity (HOL)LPScotti BrothersSCT 57108M-/EX10
Brown JamesHonky Tonk - Part 1 / Honky Tonk - P45Polydor2066 216EX/EX16
Brown JamesSoul on Top (US)LPKingKS 1100VG+/EX40
Brown RuthDon't Deceive Me / I Burned Your Let45AtlanticATL 70 013/M-15
Bull & The MatadorsThe Funky Judge (vocal) / The Funky 45Toddlin' TownTT 108/VG+7
Burke KeniKeni Burke (US)LPDark HorseDH 3022VG+/EX10
Burke SolomonI Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel to 45Atlantic45-2507/EX8
Burke SolomonIt's Been a Change / Detroit City (U45Atlantic45-2459/EX8
Butler JerryJerry Butler Sings Assorted Sounds (LPMercurySR 61320EX-/EX8
Butler JerryLove's on the Menu (US)LPMotownM6-850S1EX-/M-7
Butler JerryLove Me (mono) (UK)LPFontanaTL 5246EX-/EX25
Butler JerrySuite for the Single Girl (US)LPMotownM6-878S1EX-/SS7
Butler Jerry & Eager BrenThe Love We Have, The Love We Had (HLPMercury6338 206EX/VG+5
Cameron G. C. (George CurG. C. Cameron (US)LPMotownM6-855S1EX-/M-10
Cameron G. C. (George CurYou're What's Missing in My Life (USLPMotownM6-880S1EX-/EX10
Carter ClarencePatches (US)LPAtlanticSD 8267EX-/EX15
Carter ClarenceThat Old Time Feeling / Back Door Sa45Atlantic45-2576/M-6
Castor Jimmy (Bunch)E-Man Groovin' (US)LPAtlanticSD 18186EX-/EX15
Castor Jimmy (Bunch)It's Just Begun (US)LPRCA VictorLSP 4640EX-/M-18
Chandler GeneDuke of Earl / Kissin' in the Kitche45Karus(s)ellKFF 378EX/M-50
Chandler GeneGet Down (HOL)LP20th Century (Fox)6370 280EX/EX8
Charles RayRay Charles in Person (mono) (DEN)LPAtlantic8039VG+/VG10
Charles RayRay Charles (ESP)EPBelter50.610EX/M-18
Charles RayRay Charles (FRA)LPVogueLDM 30.125M-/M-15
Charles RayTake These Chains from My Heart / No45Karus(s)ellKFF 504EX-/EX-9
Charles RayThe Genius Hits the Road (US)LPABCABCS 335VG+/EX-10
CommodoresCommodores' Greatest Hits (blue vinyLPMotown7C 062-61879EX/EX25
CommodoresGolden Collection Vol. 1 (Natural Hi2-LPGolden CollectionGCVD002EX-/EX/EX12
CommodoresHeroes (FRA)LPMotown523004M-/EX8
CommodoresIn the Pocket (US)LPMotownM8 955M1EX-/M-7
CommodoresNatural High (US)LPMotownM7 902R1EX-/EX7
Conley ArthurIs That You Love / Aunt Dora's Love 45Atco45-6622/M-8
Conley ArthurOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da / Otis Sleep On45Atco45-6640/EX7
Conley ArthurSpeak Her Name / Run On45Atco45-6661/M-7
Delta Rhythm BoysGoin' Home (SWE)LPProphone (SWE)PROP-9940EX/EX-18
Detroit EmeraldsDo Me Right / Just Now and Then (US)45WestboundW-172/EX-4
Dorsey LeeNight People (US)LPABCAA 1048EX-/M-9
Dozier LamontBlack BachLPABCABCD 839EX-/EX-17
Drifters (USA)Every Nite's a Saturday Night (UK)LPAristaARTY 140M-/M-7
Earth, Wind & FireElectric Universe (HOL) *LPCBSCBS 25775EX-/EX8.50
Earth, Wind & FireRaise! (PHIL) *LPCBS / SonyLP 1554EX/EX8
East Thomas (& The FabuloI Get a Groove / You're What's Happe45Toddlin' TownTT 112/EX15
Edwards JohnLife, Love and Living (US)LPCotillionSD 9909EX/SS10
ElginsDarling Baby (UK)LPTamla MotownTML 11081VG/VG50
Esquires (USA)And Get Away / Everybody's Laughing45BunkyBNK 7752/M-8
Esquires (USA)You Say / State Fair45BunkyBNK 7753/M-8
Facts of LifeA Matter of Fact (US)LPKayvette803EX-/EX7
Facts of LifeSometimes (US)LPKayvette802EX-/M-8
Family StandChain (GER)LPAtlantic7567-82036-1EX-/EX-6
Felder WiltonGentle Fire (US)LPMCAMCA 5406 / MCA 25059EX-/SS8
Finished TouchNeed to Know You Better (US)LPMotownM7-906R1F/EX4
First Class (US)Going First Class (US)LPAll PlatinumAP 3018EX-/EX8
Five Stairsteps (& Cubie)Don't Change Your Love / New Dance C45CurtomCR 1931/EX-10
Flack RobertaFeel Like Makin' Love (US)LPAtlanticSD 18131EX-/EX-8
FlirtationsLove Makes the World Go Round (UK)LPRCA VictorSF 8448EX/EX-10
FloatersFloaters (UK)LPABCABCL 5529VG/EX6
Floyd EddieI've Never Found a Girl (to Love Me 45StaxSTA-0002/EX5
Four TopsAt the Top (US)LPABCAA 1092EX-/M-7
Four TopsCatfish (US)LPABCABCD-968VG+/M-7
Four TopsHits of Gold (UK)LPTamla MotownTMS 3514EX-/EX7
Four TopsLive & in Concert (US)LPDunhill (ABC DunhillDSD 50188EX-/M-7
Four TopsMagic (US)LPMotown6130 MLEX-/M-7
Four TopsMain Street People (UK)LPProbeSPBA 6277G/VG+4
Four TopsMain Street People (US)LPDunhillDSX-50144EX-/M-7
Four TopsNight Lights Harmony (US)LPABCABCD-862EX-/SS8
Four TopsThe Show Must Go On (US)LPABCAB-1014EX-/M-7
Franklin ArethaAretha's Greatest Hits (IND)LPAtlanticSD 8295EX-/EX30
Franklin ArethaJump to It (GER)LPArista204 742EX/VG+6
Franklin ArethaStar-Collection - Aretha Franklin (SLPMidiMID 20 016EX/EX-8
Franklin ArethaThe Aretha Franklin Collection (UK)2-LPCastle The CollectorCCSLP 152EX-/M-/M-10
Franklin ArethaWith Everything I Feel in Me (US)LPAtlanticSD 18116EX-/M-10
Franklin ErmaGotta Find Me a Lover / Change My Th45Brunswick55403/EX18
FunkadelicCholly (Funk Getting Ready to Roll!)45Warner Bros.WBS 8735/EX4
Gardner DonLet's Party / There's Nothing I Want45TNTTNT 500/M-20
Golden Gate QuartetNegro Spirituals (mono) (US)LPMusical Masterpiece MMS-2090EX-/EX-5
Gordon Benny (& The Soul Gonna Give Her All the Love I Got / 45WandWND 1188/M-27
Graham Central StationNow Do U Wanta Dance (US) *LPWarner Bros.BS 3041EX-/EX6
Henry Clarence "Frogman"You Always Hurt the One You Love / L45Quality1309X/EX5
Houston ThelmaThe Devil in Me (ESP)LPMotown25 603EX-/EX-6
Hues CorporationBest of the Hues Corporation (US)LPRCA VictorAPL1-2408EX-/EX6
Hues CorporationFreedom for the Stallion (US)LPRCA VictorAPL1-0323EX-/EX7
Hues CorporationI Caught Your Act (US)LPWarner Bros.BS 3043EX-/M-6
Hues CorporationLove Corporation (UK)LPRCA VictorSF 8446M-/M-10
Hues CorporationLove Corporation (US)LPRCA VictorAPL1-0938EX-/EX6
Hues CorporationYour Place Or Mine (US)LPWarner Bros.BSK 3196VG+/EX-5
Hunt TommyOne Fine Morning // Sign of the Dott45SparkSRL 1148/EX-8
Hutch WillieConcert in Blues (US)LPMotownM6-854S1EX-/EX7
Hutson LeroyFeel the Spirit (US)LPCurtomCU 5010EX-/M-10
Ikettes(G) Old & New (US) *LPUnited ArtistsUA-LA 190-FEX-/M-13
ImpressionsPreacher ManLPCurtomCRS 8016EX-/SS25
Ingram (Ingram Family)The Ingram Kingdom (The Funk Is in OLPExcelloExcello 8031EX-/EX60
IntrudersSave the Children (US)LPGambleKZ 31991EX-/EX15
Isley BrothersI Say Love / Hold on Baby (US)45Wand137/VG+4
Isley BrothersI Wanna Be with You (Parts 1 & 2 (Di12 INCH 33T-Neck2Z8 2283VG+/EX-8
Isley BrothersLivin' in the Life / Go for Your Gun45T-NeckZS8 2267/EX5
Jackson 5 (Jacksons)Lookin' Through the Windows (US)LPMotownM-750LEX-/EX12
Jackson FreddieDon't Let Love Slip Away (EEC)LPCapitol064-7 48987 1M-/EX-7
Jackson MichaelFarewell My Summer Love 1984 (US)LPMotown6101MLEX-/M-9
Jackson MichaelOne Day in Your Life (US)LPMotownM8-956VG+/EX7
James Jimmy (& the VagaboNow (UK)LPPyeNSPL 18495EX-/EX-10
Jeffrey Joe (Group)My Pledge of Love (US)LPWandWDS 686EX-/EX22
Jones MichaelI Can Meditate on Him (US)LPSavoySL 14537SS/SS12
KashifLove Changes (GER)CDArista258145M-/M-4
KC and the Sunshine BandAll in a Night's Work (UK)LPEpicEPC 85847EX/EX9
King Ben E.Supernatural (US)LPAtlanticSD 18132EX-/M-7
King ClydieDirect Me (US)LPLizardA 20104VG+/EX10
Knight Gladys & The Pips2nd Anniversary (US)LPBuddahBDS 5639EX/EX-10
Knight Gladys & The PipsClaudine (UK)LPBuddah2318 097VG+/EX-15
Knight Gladys & The PipsKnight Time (US)LPSoulS 741V1VG/VG+5
Knight MarieLord I've Tried (US)LPSavoySL 14517SS/SS15
Kool & the GangGreatest Hits (EU)CDA-Play Collection10313-2M-/EX-4
Kool & the GangLadies Night / Ladies Night (Long Ve45MercuryKOOL 7/EX5
Kool & the GangSomething Special (FIN)LPDe-LiteDSR 8502VG+/EX9
Kool & the GangUniversal Sound / Ancestral Ceremony45De-LiteDEP 1583/M-6
LakesideUntouchables (GER)LPSolar96-0204-1M-/M-7
Laws RonnieSolid Ground (HOL)LPLiberty1A 064-400045EX/EX-6
Lewis DianeI Thank You Kindly / Please Let Me H45WandWND 1183/EX28
Lewis DianeWithout Your Love / Giving up Your L45WandWND 1191/EX-200
Little Anthony and The ImOut of Sights, Out of Mind (US)LPUnited ArtistsUAS 6720EX-/SS30
Love UnlimitedUnder the Influence of Love UnlimiteLPPhilips6370 204VG+/VG+5
Lucas CarrieHorsin' Around (US)LPMCAMCA 5513EX-/SS7
LutherLuther (US)LPCotillion9907G/EX12
Lynn TamiLove Is Here and Now You're Gone (USLPCotillionSD 9052VG/EX17
Main IngredientRolling Down a MountainsideLPRCAANL1 2667EX-/EX8
Mancha Steve (Wilson ClyRare Stamps (UK)LPStaxSXATS 1012EX-/VG30
ManchildFeel the Phuff (US)LPChi-SoundCH-LA 862-HVG+/M-7
ManchildPower and Love (US)LPChi-SoundCH-LA 765-GEX-/EX7
Mason Barbara & Sigler BuLocked in This PositionLPCurtomCU 5014EX-/M-13
Mayfield CurtisNever Say You Can't Survive (US)LPCurtomCU 5013VG/EX6
McCrae GeorgeWe Did It! (US)LPT.K. RecordsT.K. 610EX-/EX6
Mighty Clouds of JoyIt's Time (US)LPDunhill (ABC DunhillDSX 50177EX-/EX7
Mirage (US)Princes of Love (US)LPRCA VictorAPL1-2777VG/EX-7
Modulations (Jones Glenn With a Made Up Mind (US)LPSavoySL 14489SS/SS20
Moore Bobby (& the RhythmI Wanna Be Your Man / I Won't Cry (45Checker1193/M-15
Moore Bobby (& the RhythmSearching for My Love (mono) (US)LPCheckerLP 3000VG+/EX30
Moore JohnnyHaven't I Been Good to You / A Dolla45Wand1165/VG+5
MystiqueMystique (Featuring Raph Johnson) (ULPCurtomCU 5012EX-/VG4
Nice and WildEnergy, Love and Unity (US)CDAtlantic81719-2M-/M-3
Northern-Airs (Northern AWithout God I Could Do Nothing (US)LPSavoySL 14535EX-/M-20
OriginalsCalifornia Sunset (US)LPMotownM6-826S1EX-/M-10
OriginalsCommunique (US)LPSoulS6-746S1EX/SS13
Parliament(s)Chocolate City (Rainbo pressing) (USLPCasablancaNBLP 7014EX-/EX30
Parliament(s)Motor-Booty Affair (Terre Haute presLPCasablancaNBLP 7125M-/M-30
Phillips EstherYou've Come a Long Way, Baby (US)LPMercurySRM 1-1187EX-/SS13
Pickett WilsonHey Jude / Search Your Heart (SWE)45AtlanticATL 70 345EX/EX-10
Pickett WilsonI Found a True Love / For Better or 45Atlantic45-2558/M-8
Pickett WilsonIf You Need Me / I'm Gonna Love You 45PresidentPT 319/EX10
Pickett WilsonJealous Love / I've Come a Long Way 45Atlantic45-2484/EX5
Pickett WilsonStar Collection - Wilson Pickett (GELPMidiMID 20 017EX/M-10
PlattersTwilight Time / Out of My Mind (FIN)45MercuryB 45-766/EX15
Pointer SistersSteppin' (UK)LPABCABCL 5133EX/EX12
Price LloydUnder Your Spell Again / Happy Birth45Karus(s)ellKFF 442EX-/VG+20
RaydioTwo Places at the Same Time (SWE)LPAristaAL 9515VG+/EX6
Record EugeneThe Eugene Record (US)LPWarner Bros.BS 3018VG+/EX20
Redding OtisPapa's Got a Brand New Bag (live) / 45Atco6636/M-10
Reese DellaAmen! (mono) (FRA)LPModeMDINT 9 299VG+/VG+10
Reese DellaI Gotta Be Me... This Trip Out (monoLPStatesideSL 10261EX/EX30
Reid ClarenceDancin' with Nobody But You Babe (USLPAtcoSD 33-307EX-/EX38
Richie LionelDancing on the Ceiling (US)LPMotown6158 MLEX-/SS8
Robinson SmokeyBeing with You (GER)LPMotown260-15-003EX/EX7
Robinson SmokeyDeep in My Soul (US)LPTamlaT6-350S1VG/EX6
Robinson SmokeyEssar (US)LPTamla6098TLEX-/SS8
Robinson SmokeyLove Breeze (US)LPTamlaT7-359R1G/M-5
Robinson SmokeyWarm Thoughts (US)LPTamlaT8-367M1EX-/EX7
Robinson SmokeyYes It's You Lady (US)LPTamla6001TLEX-/SS8
Rose RoyceGolden Touch (US)LPWhitfieldWHK 3512EX/VG4
Ross DianaDiana Ross (UK)LPTamla MotownSTML 11159EX/EX15
Ross DianaRoss (GER)LPMotown257 15 031M-/M-8
Sam & DaveCan't You Find Another Way / Still I45Atlantic45-2540/VG+5
Sam & DaveHold on, I'm Comin' // Soul Man / I 45AtlanticK 10391/EX-6
Scales Harvey (& The SeveBroadway Freeze / I Can't Cry No Mor45Magic TouchMTA 16001/EX20
Scott PeggyYou Can Never Get Something for Noth45Exit 2524-BVG+/M-10
Scott Peggy & Benson Jo JLover's Holiday / Here with Me (SWE)45StatesideKSS 1050/M-15
Scott Peggy & Benson Jo JPickin' Wild Mountain Berries / Pure45SSS InternationalSSS 748/M-8
Scott Peggy & Benson Jo JSoulshake / We Were Made for Each Ot45SSS InternationalSSS 761/M-8
Sharp Dee DeeGravy (for My Mashed Potatoes) / Bab45Columbia (EMI)45-DYC 1106/EX20
Sharp Dee DeeRide / The Night (DEN)45Karus(s)ellKFF 448VG/M-25
Show StoppersAin't Nothing But a House Party / Wh45Star (FIN)FW 2001/EX15
Sly & The Family StoneGreatest Hits (quadraphonic) (CAN)LPEpicEQ 30325VG/M-25
Sly & The Family StoneSmall Talk (HOL)LPEpicEPC 69070EX/EX17
Sly (Dunbar) & Robbie (ShRhythm Killers (CAN)LPIslandISL 1126EX/M-8
Soul JimmyIf You Wanna Be Happy / Don't Releas45Karus(s)ellKFF 512M-/EX30
Spinners (Detroit SpinnerNew & ImprovedLPAtlanticK 50102EX-/EX10
Stars of VirginiaHis Hands (US)LPKingKS G-3 1093VG/EX12
Street People (1)You're My One Weakness Girl / You're45VigorVI 1728/EX-13
StylisticsLet's Put it All Together (UK)LPAvco6466 013M-/EX8
StylisticsThank You Baby (UK)LPAvco9109 005M-/EX8
Summers MyrnaCome to Jesus Now (US)LPSavoySL 14575SS/SS18
Summers MyrnaGive Me Something to Hold On To (US)LPSavoySL 14520SS/SS18
Supremes & Four TopsThe Magnificent 7 (UK)LPTamla MotownSTML 11179VG+/VG10
Supremes & Four TopsThe Return of the Magnificent Seven LPMotownM 736VG/EX-7
Supremes & TemptationsI'll Try Something New / The Way You45Tamla MotownM-5057G/EX4
Supremes & TemptationsOn Broadway (US)LPMotownS-699VG+/EX15
Supremes (Ross Diana & ThDiana Ross and the Supremes Greatest2-LPTamla MotownMS 2-663VG+/VG+/VG+9
Supremes (Ross Diana & ThDiana Ross and the Supremes GreatestLPTamla MotownSTML 11063EX-/VG+11
Supremes (Ross Diana & ThDiana Ross and the Supremes GreatestLPTamla MotownSTML 11146EX/EX15
Supremes (Ross Diana & ThDiana Ross and the Supremes GreatestLPTamla MotownSTML 11063EX-/EX15
Supremes (Ross Diana & ThHigh Energy (US)LPMotownM6-863S1EX/M-8
Supremes (Ross Diana & ThThe Supremes (HOL)LPTamla Motown5C 062-96663EX/EX12
Supremes (Ross Diana & ThThe Ultimate Collection (GER)CDMotown530 827-2EX/EX5
Sweet ThunderAbove the Clouds (US)LPWMOTWM 626EX-/EX10
SylviaLay on Me (US)LPVibrationVI 131EX/EX8
TamsBe Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy (UK)LPStatesideSSL 10304EX-/EX-25
TavaresSky High! (US)LPCapitolST 11533EX-/EX-7
TemptationsTouch Me (US)LPGordy6164 GLEX-/SS7
Tex JoeAin't Gonna Bump No More (with No Bi45EpicEPC 5035EX-/EX5
Tex JoeHappy Soul (US)LPAtlanticSD 8211VG+/VG+10
Tex JoeJoe Tex Sings with Strings & Things LPAtlanticSD 8254EX-/EX-15
Tex JoeMen Are Gettin' Scarce / You're Gonn45Dial45-4069/M-7
Tex JoeMen Are Gettin' Scarce / You're Gonn45Dial45-4069/M-7
Tex JoeThat's You Baby / Sweet, Sweet Woman45Dial45-4089/VG+4
Thomas CarlaAll I Want for Christmas Is You / Ge45Atlantic45-2212/M-20
Thomas CarlaSomething Good (Is Going to Happen t45Stax45-207/M-18
Thomas TimmyI've Got to See You Tonight / You're45Glades1723/EX7
Thomas TimmyYou're the Song I've Always Wanted tLPPolydor2310 377EX-/VG15
Toms Gary Empire7-6-5-4-3-2-1 - Blow Your Whistle (ULPP.I.P.PIP 6814EX-/EX9
TrammpsThe Trammps III (US)LPAtlanticSD 19148VG/M-8
Turner Ike and TinaGet Back! (CAN)LPLibertyLO 51156EX-/EX-7
Turner Ike and TinaRiver Deep Mountain High (ri) (UK)LPMusic For PleasureMFP 50443EX/M-8
Turner Ike and TinaStar-Collection - Ike & Tina Turner LPMidiMID 26002EX/EX-8
Turner SpyderMusic Webb (US)LPWhitfieldWHK 3124EX-/M-7
Turner TitusWalk on the Wild Side Twist / Twisti45Jamie1213/EX-8
TymesWonderful, Wonderful / Come with Me 45Cameo - ParkwayCFF 17EX/M-30
Uggams LeslieLeslie Uggams (US)LPMotownM6-846S1VG+/M-9
UnificsSittin' in at The Court of Love (US)LPKappKS 3582EX-/EX15
Various Artists (Soul)Central Park Music Festival (US)LPMusic ImagesST 2933EX-/VG+13
Various Artists (Soul)Thank God It's Friday (US)2-LPCasablancaNBLP 7099-3EX/EX/EX/EX10
Various Artists (Soul)The Stax / Volt Revue, Vol 2 - Live LPStaxS 722VG+/VG+10
Various Artists (Soul)WNOV Good Guys: Holiday Package (US)LPWNOVLPS 860EX/EX15
Various Artists (SoundtraWattstax - The Living World (US)2-LPStaxSTS-2-3010VG+/EX/EX15
Village PeopleCan't Stop the Music (FIN)LPArrivalDS 4088EX/EX7
Village PeopleCan't Stop the Music (UK)LPMercury6399 051M-/M-8
Walker Jr. (Junior) (& thWhopper Bopper Show Stopper (US)LPSoulS6 748S1VG+/M-10
WarPlatinum Jazz (US)2-LPBlue NoteBN-LA 690-J2VG/EX/EX15
Washington Geno & The RamHand Clappin', Foot Stompin', Funky-LPPiccadillyNPL 38026EX-/VG8
Washington Geno & The RamHipsters, Flipsters, Finger-Poppin' LPPiccadillyNPL 38032EX-/EX-17
Washington Geno & The RamShake a Tail Feather (mono) (UK)LPPiccadillyNPL 38029EX-/EX-17
WhispersRock Steady (US)12 INCH 33SolarV 71153EX/EX6
Wilson JackieI Still Love You / Hum De Dum De Do 45Brunswick55402/M-8
Wilson JackieSince You Showed Me How to Be Happy 45Brunswick55354/M-8
Wilson JackieYou Got Me Walking (US)LPBrunswickBL 754172EX-/M-17
Windy CityLet Me Ride (US)LPChi-SoundCH-LA691-GVG+/EX32.50
Wonder StevieI Ain't Gonna Stand for It / Knocks 45MotownTMG 1215EX-/EX-4
Wonder StevieUp-Tight (Everything's Alright) (reiLPMotownM5 183V1M-/M-12
Soul @