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Knud Viktor
Author: - Kirjoittanut:Hans Peter Stubbe Teglbjærg , 03/28/2010
Message: - Viesti:
Dear Keijo! What a splendid siteand what a collector ! The two Knud Viktor Albums came today and I was simply overwhelmed by the sheer sonic gold that flooded from my loudspeakers. Such rare soundart deserved to be better known. I will surely speak about it to those who wants to listen. Knud Viktors return to living people apprciating his art. On the other hand the impact it may make on me - being a composer and soundartist myself - might also speak for some continuation on a different inspirational level. It simply sounds great ! The first grooves on side one of the first album - those two and a half minuttes - by themselves are worth the hole lot. His ideas of light impressions passed via sound - his originally a painter - by recording of frogs whose activity raise with temparature is marvelous and very original. I AM VERY PLEASE THAT KEIJO WOULD SELL THESE ALBUMS TO ME !

Thanks you very much and keep on the good spirits of living through music !
Best regards Hans Peter